Everything in our universe is made up entirely of energy. Light is energy, our emotions, thoughts, and even our physical world surrounding us is energy. We are so much more than just our physical bodies! We are also energy bodies with energetic pathways (meridians), centers (chakras) and surrounding field (aura) where information travels and communicates to and from our internal and external world.

Distance healing works with your energetic body and therefore can be done from anywhere to any place in the world! The practitioner and client are not required to be in the same city, Province/State or even Country to receive a healing session.

The benefits vary, but can range from:

  • feeling a deep sense of peace, relief of emotional stress and tension, feeling more energized, relief of physical pain, increased creativity and/or clarity, balancing of energies and chakras to name a few.
30 mins $5045 mins $7560 mins $10090 mins $150