I have had the pleasure of being treated by Amanda on a few occasions and I must say it was quite experience — in a positive way. When she started applying the oils on my body and then got down to business with her hands anointing my body, it was quite an experience. My body started to feel the warmth emanating from her hands, as if she had put a warm cloth on my body. It was very calming and so powerful – all in one. I must say Amanda really has a wonderful gift with her hands and should really continue to share this with as many people as she can. They will surely experience a lovely change in their entire body.

My wish is that she will be able to share this wonderful gift with many, many patients. 

Good luck and God bless.close quote

– Roma

 I have reached an age where a sedentary lifestyle is just as dangerous as one of the so-called “high-risk” jobs. Because of that, I deeply appreciate the confident, calm and thorough approach I have experienced at the hands of Amanda Williams’s therapeutic massage. 

The cares of the day, as well as the (almost) constant aches and pains, just seem to fade away. What a treat.

– Gabrielle (61) Toronto

 I had an Intuitive Aromatherapy session with Amanda for balancing two of my chakras. I didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by the calming and insightful feedback Amanda provided.

Highly recommended for gaining clarity and allowing oneself to heal from internal conflict. Unique and worth every moment.

Thank you Amanda for your professionalism and healing hands.

– Leena

 I can’t say enough good things about Amanda. I did a subtle aromatherapy session with her recently, and it was an eye-opening, enlightening, cathartic experience of introspection and emotion where I learned a lot about myself and balanced some of my chakras. Amanda has a calm, positive, and healing energy that instantly puts you at ease. I look forward to doing more work with her in the near future and would highly recommend her. close quote

– Sapna (42) Toronto

 My husband Peter and I have had the good fortune and pleasure utilizing Amanda’s wellness services these past couple of years. Peter experienced severe ankle injury. Amanda used various forms of treatment which provided immediate pain relief, reduced swelling and allowed for fast recovery. In addition, Amanda provided Peter with significant relief with her customized topical ointments for chronic arthritis in his hands and wrists with positive results. 

Amanda has been successful in treating my acute athletic injuries with reflexology and shiatsu sessions combined with traditional medical therapy. I have been pain free for awhile now but continue to enjoy her visits for mental stress relief and improved relaxation.

Both Peter and I also enjoy conversation with Amanda which help to create a relaxed and healing environment close quote

– Peter and Tina Baker

 I have been seeing AMANDA WILLIAMS for the treatment of insomnia for over a year. My choice of treatment was reflexology due to its calming affect it has on me. Amanda’s pressure to the feet and hands was gentle yet firm. With gentle manipulation on certain parts of my feet, she instinctively knew which areas to concentrate on, so that generated a calming yet invigorating effect which helped me sleep during the night. Thank you Amanda!  close quote

– Maria Hui

 Amanda brings both a confidence and warmth to the treatments she provides. She was happy to discuss what she was doing and answer questions all the while making me very comfortable and relaxed. We discussed specific areas that I wanted focused on and she then explained how what she was doing would provide relief. It was a soothing and rejuvenating experience. Reflexology  close quote

– Rachel, 40

 Thank you, Amanda, for the wonderful reflexology session. Not only did I feel immensely relaxed during your treatment, but the effects lasted for hours afterward. I love the caring, nurturing energy you bring into your therapies.  close quote

– Wendy B

 Just after 1 session of combined Reiki and reflexology, I felt the energy get to the core of my body, in order to appease my nervous energy. I was at peace, calm and re-energized. Amanda explained the process of the session, the different steps involved and if there were questions. Her calm, her smile and her self-confidence was all I needed. There were several more sessions with the same benefits to my well-being each time. I totally have my full confidence in her hands.  close quote

– Anonymous

 I received reflexology therapy service and the experience was very positive. Amanda has a high attention to detail, took the time to learn about my background and shared some initial insights which were helpful. The service itself was very beneficial and she responded genuinely to feedback. Amanda consistently offers an authentic, safe and comfortable space to receive services and support.  close quote

– Kairi Williams-Semenya, age 40

 Approximately a year ago I was diagnosed with Grade 1 meningioma and underwent a T1 and T3 laminectomy with resection of intradural tumor. Neuropathic pain has been an ongoing concern with me, especially in my low back and legs, along with decreased sensation.

I have now received couple of treatments from Amanda, inclusive of Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki. I have noticed great improvement in my lower extremities, especially the lessening of pain and discomfort caused by pins and needles in my knees and feet. My walking has also improved.

I am more than grateful for you kind help towards my well-being.  close quote

– Tiiu, age 80+

 I have had the privilege to meet Amanda in 2011 at a time when I had already seen naturopaths, homeopaths and energy practitioners for almost a decade and yet felt that I was not getting the results I expected. Soon after, I chose Amanda to help me improve and monitor my overall health and also assist me with achieving a good balance in life.

I was quite impressed with Amanda’s capability to provide a comprehensive and extensively detailed assessment of all health aspects from the get-go and to effortlessly integrate distinct treatments and recommendations into a holistic program customized per patient. 

I wholly heartedly recommend Amanda as a kind and experienced wellness practitioner to anyone who feels ready to make a change in at least one area of their lives, be it a certain chronic disorder, nutrition, sleeping problems, or stress level.  close quote

– Diana Dinescu
IT Consultant, Toronto
49 years old

 I went to Align Therapies with chest pain, headaches and anxiety. I received a medical intuition case study with Chakra balancing and a nutritional assessment. Amanda identified my deficiencies through a comprehensive assessment and provided immediate and lasting relief to my anxiety. I’ve made many of the recommended changes to my diet and lifestyle and continue to reap the benefits. Align therapies was an important step to regaining control over my life.  close quote

– Ann-Marie, 43 years old